Hi everybody,

Today I’ll show you great use case of Streamr. As part of my daily work (regarding investing in cryptos) I monitor bitcoin sentiment.

Since today I’m going to monitor the frequency of tweets about bitcoin so I can easily conclude whether the market is calm or I can expect some price fluctuations.

Of course, I can browse the Internet and I’ll find some information about the frequency of tweets or Facebook posts about bitcoin. But utilizing Streamr’s canvas I can easily adjust the frequency (number of the tweets in 1 minute, 1 hour, 12 hours,…) and I have the real-time data every time.

If you want the same data, it’s quite easy. Just sign up on Streamr.com and create canvas according to this picture:

Maybe you’ll need to pass the tutorial so you’ll get basic experience:

I’m glad to say that they have the great experienced team and when you don’t how to make something, they’ll quickly help you:

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