Hello everybody,

Every evening (occasionally at other times) I go through 50 newest posts on Steemit and I evaluate bitcoin sentiment:

Strongly bearish post -2pts
Slightly bearish post -1pts
Neutral 0pts
Slightly bullish +1pts
Strongly bullish +2pts

Then I convert it to % so it’s ready to use. This psychological analysis can complement your fundamental or technical analysis. I think it could be useful for Steemit community so I’ll share my analysis on regular basis. It costs me some time so I would appreciate your meaningful comments, upvoting or resteeming 🙂 I know how to reward your good comments, trust me 🙂 In upcoming days I’ll start covering Twitter and Facebook as well.

I recommend you Binnance as it’s the cheapest and the most reliable exchange for trading cryptocurrencies:

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and everyone is fully responsible for their own investment decisions.