Decision Token

Investing in cryptocurrencies reflects the investor’s opinion that in the future the cryptocurrency will be a functional means of payment. It’s that simple. How can the future of cryptocurrencies be predicted? Let’s have a look at it.

The main principle of Decision Token – may it work?

Today’s article will be, for the first time, about cryptocurrency under 100 million market cap. I guess, the reason doing so is obvious. Such a cryptocurrency usually has much bigger potential than well-known coins like Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin.

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HST aims to revolutionize the voting process with blockchain. Today voting process in the most of countries is slow and expensive. People very often just don’t go to the polls because they don’t believe in their outcome as it may be corrupted or something like that. So we need to revolutionize the voting process. And the good news is that it can be done with blockchain.

How does it work? It’s easy.  Imagine that you’re for example a small city having a communal election. The city buys HST and it’s money for paying for the whole ecosystem for voting. Once you exchange your money for HST you can set up your account and you can organize voting. Voting is not limited to the communal election, another good case of using HST is voting at a general meeting of public limited companies or presidential general elections.

According to the whitepaper, this voting is going to be 10-15times cheaper than in Australia’s federal elections.

May it work? Yes, I wouldn’t write about coin (or token) about which I think it has no future. It’s simple. HST  a secure voting system to different entities – they will use the opportunity to change voting system to cheaper and more secure system. Once, demand for HST will substantially grow, the price will grow as well.

I see great opportunity in this token because I can’t see exaggerated marketing about HST unlike other coins (or tokens) without any good project. Once, they will emphasize marketing, the price will skyrocket and I want to participate in it. Right now it’s listed only on Cryptopia, Kucoin, EhterDelta, and LiveCoin – once listed on some big exchange like Binance or Bittrex, the price will fly to the moon!


Threats are, of course, competitors – these days well-known coin Waves and others. Another threat is that this project will not be so attractive for big players like big cities or companies – it needs to implement some new technology and Decision Token will not be able to convince them to use HST.


Every day we use new technology so voting in the 21st century shouldn’t be an exception. I believe in HST as it has the small market cap and it’s not listed on any big exchange and HST has really promising (and working) project.

Binance is well-known for its very low trading fees and hundreds of trading pairs. You can buy some HST on Binance, just click on the banner below, the registration will take seconds and you’re ready to make big money like me!

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and everyone is fully responsible for their own investment decisions.